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All Good Gifts 


Everything we have comes from God. From the earliest stories in the Bible, the people of God set aside a portion of the ‘livelihood’ – fruits, grain, oil, wine, meat, coins – to give to God in gratitude and thanksgiving for all the blessings of life. We express our thanks now most often with our money and with our volunteer efforts – sometimes called ‘time and talent.’ Why? Because how and where we spend our money and time is an expression of our most deeply held values. Our financial offerings or stewardship to the church, then, is really more about our need to GIVE than about the Church’s need to RECEIVE. Stewardship is not primarily about fundraising; it is a way of life.

You Can Now Pledge to St. John's Online for your Annual Stewardship Giving or for your 3-Year Commitment to our Capital Campaign.

Ways to Give to St. John’s - ALL are ‘good gifts!’ 

Stewardship Gift: 

An annual pledge commitment paid weekly or monthly that is single most important gift to St. John's as it sustains programs, salaries, utilities, and  ongoing expenses. 

To make a Stewardship Pledge, request payment envelopes, or set up direct deposit, contact our Bookkeeper at 248-546-1255.

Capital Campaign Gift: 

A gift for major improvements, building additions or a programmatic endeavor that adds significant value to the church’s mission. (e.g., Pipe organ, stained glass) that is often motivated by a deep sense of commitment to current and future congregational ministry and can be paid out over several years.

To inquire about a Capital Campaign Gift, contact the Rector.

Special Offerings/Memorial Gifts: 

A spontaneous gift for a special occasion, tribute, or need is frequently motivated by a relationship or a ‘cause’ (e.g., flower memorials, a memorial gift for a funeral, a special gift to Vacation Bible School or Episcopal Relief and Development). 

To make a special offering or a memorial gift, mail check to St. John’s with the words “Memorial Gift honoring _____” in the memo field, use our PayPal button below, or contact our Bookkeeper at 248-546-1255.

Planned and Memorial Giving 

This is a major planned gift/will/bequest or endowment that  supports the long-term health and sustainability of the congregation. This planned gift enables the donors to make larger gifts than they could make from their income. Ex. Gifts made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial planning: wills, appreciated securities/stock, life insurance, etc.

To inquire about Planned and Memorial Giving, call Parish Administrator at 248-546-1255. 

Volunteer Your Time and Talents 

No matter what your skill or interest, St. John’s offers something for you!

You can donate an hour to a special event or choose to regularly participate in one or more of our varied ministries.


To learn more about the work we do and how you may volunteer your time and talent, please click below

Support Open Hands Food Pantry and Garden

Open Hands Food Pantry is the largest in Oakland County serving 14,000 neighbors each year with emergency food and toiletries.  The Open Hands Garden provides fresh vegetables to Open Hands clients.


Founded in 1982 as a mission of St. John’s, Open Hands is all volunteer run independent 501(c)(3) organization that works in partnership with Gleaners Food Bank of Southwestern Michigan.  

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