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Planned and Memorial Giving



Our Mission, Your Legacy


The Mission of the St. John’s Royal Oak Planned / Memorial Giving Program is to provide a meaningful and lasting way for parishioners and friends to express gratitude and thanksgiving to God. Through this act of faith and financial stewardship you insure sustainment of St. John’s and the ministries that are most meaningful to you, and in so doing leave a lasting legacy of generosity.


Our Planned / Memorial Giving program offers a simple means to help you plan your own personal legacy of generosity. In our planned giving program, we want to recognize your desire to be a good steward, and to ensure that your assets are leveraged for years to come for great commission (Matt. 28), great commandment (Matt. 22), and outreach (Matt 25) through your church and into our community.


We have developed a formal structured planned giving program to give you confidence that your gifts will be properly managed and used for their intended purpose. The program offers dedicated or unrestricted giving opportunities and is governed by strict gift acceptance & investment management policies and transparent reporting. We honor those who have or intend to give through on-going recognition programs (you may wish to remain anonymous).


You can create a thoughtful and generous plan that would leave a lasting mark and make SJRO a better place for our community and future generations of Parishioners. This is not a one time or annual program rather an on-going effort to provide a meaningful and lasting way for parishioners and friends to express gratitude and thanksgiving to God.


Types of Gifts:


Planned gifts can be unrestricted or dedicated to one of four established funds. Dedicated gifts can be directed to one or more of the following funds:

  • Worship and Music

  • Buildings and Grounds

  • Education

  • Outreach

Unrestricted gifts will be used by the church Vestry to support St. John’s most urgent financial needs. If you wish to discuss other ways to create a lasting legacy gift, please contact Jennifer Perkins at 248-546-1255.


All gifts are subject to acceptance based on our Gift Acceptance Policy and approval by the Gift Acceptance Committee.


Ways to Give:


Giving can be as simple as naming St. John’s as a beneficiary of your checking, savings, 401K account or insurance policies. You can also provide for St. Johns via your estate plans in a variety of ways. While we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss ways to give, please note that St. John’s cannot provide legal or estate planning advice. We encourage you to work with an investment and/or estate planning professional of your choosing.


Legacy Society (SJROLS) recognition program


The sole purpose of the SJROLS is to acknowledge gratefully those faithful persons who have made provisions to leave a documented gift. To become a member you will need to complete a Planned Giving Program Statement of Intent. Members can choose to remain anonymous for purposes of publication and events.


Membership: Founding Member or General Member


A Founding Member is one who informs the office in writing that they have included SJRO as a beneficiary in his or her will or estate plans (by completing a statement of intent) or a parishioner who has previously remembered St. Johns in their estate plans. Founding members must notify the Stewardship Committee by April 1st, 2017.

A General Member is a faithful person who notifies us of their estate plans after April 2nd 2017.

To get started with your memorial gift or to register for our Legacy Society, please click here for planned giving information. Click on each item to find our gift acceptance and investment management policies, a planned giving program statement of intent and dedicated fund descriptions. If you have additional questions or wish to engage in an individual, confidential discussion of your gift, please contact our Jennifer Perkins at 248-546 -1255 and she will direct you to the most appropriate individual.


Memorial Gifts:


Do you wish to recognize or honor an individual, event or anniversary with a special memorial gift? St. John’s provides you’re the opportunity to honor your family and friends by arranging for a memorial, tribute or thank you message. Your message is published in the Sunday bulletin with your memorial, tribute, or thanksgiving message on your requested date. There is a suggested minimum donation of $25.00, but any donation is appreciated. Donations cover the cost of the altar flowers each Sunday. Donations are payable to St. John’s Episcopal Church (flower memorials listed on the memo line) and can be dropped in the offering plate, or mailed to the church office.


If you wish to make a one-time monetary donation in honor of a loved one or event, you may also provide a donation on our website at Should you wish to discuss a more permanent memorial, please contact the Rector, Beth Taylor at 248-546-1255.

Planned Giving

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