The St. John's Capital Campaign Update 

"Affirming our Welcome: Building in Faith" 

Thank you again to all who have donated to the Affirming our Welcome: Building in Faith Capital Campaign. Your generosity will enable us to make many important upgrades to our facility and to live more fully into our call to serve God, each other, and our community. The Campaign leadership and the Vestry continue to work hard to discern the best path forward, with the goal of ensuring that we are able to complete all three proposed projects. 


Here is an update on our progress to date:

Roof: We have a signed contract with JD Candler Roofing to proceed with all recommended roof repairs. This work is estimated to cost $ 75,000. Crews have been on site this week and will begin work on the flat roofs over the Library and Chapel. Work will continue on and off over the coming months, as weather permits, and we expect it to be completed within several months. Xee


HVAC: We are proceeding with the heating and cooling upgrades, including replacing the original boiler and adding cooling to the Sanctuary and Jatho Hall; and we have retained a mechanical engineering firm to design the new system. They are developing plans and specifications to submit to the state and city for approval, after which we will solicit bids from several contractors to complete the work. Rough estimates for this project put the total cost at $ 450,000, including engineering fees. If everything goes according to plan, we hope this work will be complete before things heat up later this summer.


Accessibility (entry vestibule, elevator, etc.): Our current approach is to take a short pause on this project while we focus our attention on the roof and heating and cooling projects, which affords us two important benefits: 1) it spreads out the major expenditures over a slightly longer time frame, which gives us more time to collect future pledged donations and greatly reduce the funds we need to borrow on a short-term basis during construction; 2) it gives us more time to refine the design and enable the architects to produce the drawings and specifications that are needed to solicit bids for construction. We will likely “put the project out to bid” late next winter and plan to do the most significant phase of construction in the summer months next year. Our hope is to complete this project before the 2021 holiday season.

The Vestry, Finance Committee, and Campaign leaders are also working to secure important financial support for these projects. We will be submitting grant and loan applications to the Diocese of Michigan to help finance short and long-term debt during the construction process.


We will continue to offer updates as things develop. If you have any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of our Co-Chairs. 


Marie Donigan, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

 (248) 505-2195

Will Wittig, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

248-506-6781 (Please leave a message)

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Living Into Our Welcoming Statement

Though surveys and interviews, these are the projects that you selected to remove barriers, improve comfort and create a building that truly welcomes all:


Create a new accessible entrance because everyone is welcome here. An entrance sets a tone and an expectation. It conveys a message about who we are and what we value.


Welcome all who enter our building - no exceptions. In the changing Michigan weather, it is important to have the flexibility to adjust internal air temperature to create a comfortable and safe environment for all who enter the building, while also considering energy costs and efficiencies.

Structural Security

Provide a safe, secure, and structurally sound facility. This speaks to our desire to serve as a community resource for groups inside St. John’s as well as those in our wider community. The primary asset in need of attention is the roof. 

For Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Not Equal Gifts but Equal Sacrifice 


The concept of equal giving has never existed at St. John's. Instead, we believe that the sacrifice should be equal.  This ensures that there is a role in this capital campaign for every member of St. John's.  Everyone's participation is important if we are to be successful.


Your financial involvement is a decision between you and God. Giving is part of worship and it is giving from the heart that pleases God.  You will never be pressured or told what you should give.   We simply ask that you pray to discern God's will for your participation in this Capital Campaign. 

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