Living Into Our Welcoming Statement

Though surveys and interviews, these are the projects that you selected to remove barriers, improve comfort and create a building that truly welcomes all:


Welcome all who enter our building - no exceptions. In the changing Michigan weather, it is important to have the flexibility to adjust internal air temperature to create a comfortable and safe environment for all who enter the building, while also considering energy costs and efficiencies.

We will replace the costly and outdated boiler with a clean, more cost-effective and energy efficient HVAC system to heat and cool the sanctuary. This system provides the ability to adjust temperatures in specific areas of the church as needed and has the capacity to service other parts of the building in the future. 

Total Estimated Hospitality Project Cost:


Structural Security

Provide a safe, secure, and structurally sound facility. This speaks to our desire to serve as a community resource for groups inside St. John’s as well as those in our wider community. The primary asset in need of attention is the roof. 

Urgent and remedial work to repair and/or replace damaged roof sections to extend the life of the roofs by approximately 10 years.

Total Estimated Structural Security Project Cost:



Create a new accessible entrance because everyone is welcome here. An entrance sets a tone and an expectation. It conveys a message about who we are and what we value.

Our architects have designed a gracious entry way off the parking lot with a new elevator and vestibule providing easier access and flow to the church and to other areas of the building and with a sightline to the existing elevator. The design opens space on two levels for multi-functional meeting and gathering and includes a circular drive with a drop off area adjacent to the narthex at our Woodward Avenue entrance. 

Total Estimated Accessibility Project Cost:


For more information contact:

Marie Donigan, Capital Campaign Co-Chair,   (248) 505-2195

Will Wittig, Capital Campaign Co-Chair,  248-506-6781 (Please leave a message)