Building Updates 
Construction and Upgrades - October 2022
At St. John's, we're constantly growing and changing, and that includes our facilities. In the first two weeks of October, there will be various exterior electrical work in the buildings, which will affect the north side of the parking lot and the entrance to the building along 11 Mile Rd. Below you'll find more details and a timeline. Keep in mind, weather and other unforeseen conditions might affect the timeline, and we'll keep this page up-to-date.
 If you are new, contact our clergy.

Friday Sept. 30th 

The contractor will be on site making preliminary cuts in the asphalt along the entrance to the parking lot from 11 Mile Rd. (a line from the north east corner of the building/the chapel over to the corner of the parking lot at the end of the alley / corner of the neighbor's fence). 

  • This process should not completely block the north side of the parking lot, but as they move along from the west to the east there will be some disruption to flow from 11 mile.

  • Traffic should enter the building along Hendrie Blvd.

Saturday Oct. 1st and Sunday Oct. 2nd 

No disruption is expected. Folks can drive over or park on the areas of the saw cuts (very small).

Monday Oct. 3rd - Tuesday Oct. 11th 

The north end of the parking lot will be closed, including access to the parking lot from 11 Mile Rd. All traffic should enter through Hendrie Blvd. 

  • From the 3rd to the 7th there will be deep trenches across the parking lot, laying new conduit in the hole, and then refilling. 

  • See diagram below - pink is closed during this time. We expect asphalt patching to happen on the 10th and or 11th. 

  • Access to the main entrance of the building will remain normal.  Foot traffic access to the Chapel entrance will also remain normal, but parking access near the chapel entrance will be extremely limited (only the spots to the left/south).


11 Mile Road

   Woodward Avenue



Oct. 10th to 14th 

The contractors will be doing additional work on the exterior of the building on the north side, near the doorway that leads to the kitchen store room. For this week, you will see construction in that area including the continued presence of a backhoe. 

  • There will be some work happening in the kitchen storage room. 

  • The parking lot will be finished (around the 11th), but there will be times when there is equipment near the chapel entrance which will intermittently block the driveway into the parking lot from 11 Mile Rd during the day. There will also be moments when the exit from the parking lot at 11 Mile Rd will be blocked for short periods of the day.

  • See diagram below - blue indicates areas expected to be closed at different times.


11 Mile Road

          Woodward Ave

Once the parking lot is patched we can likely resume normal flow, with some short times when caution will be needed at that area.